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Google Webstore: Doubleclicker

A Chrome Extension that lets you open links in new tabs by double clicking on them. Made this one for myself more than anything but so far its had over 50 downloads and over 20 current users.


A system that allows people to use their fingerprints as ID outside clubs. A start-up I was running that eventually ran into legal issues I hadn't the money to solve! The app for scanning fingerprints and saving or checking a database works perfectly though!

Farm Animals

Soundcloud: Azzure

A techno album self produced, mastered and illustrated by ourself's, Azzure. So far we've had over 50,000 Soundcloud plays and over 1200 Facebook likes.


A multifunction web hosting platform with multiple offering such as website design and hosting, app development and on demand virtual machines. A friends site that I've put a lot of work into.


A client of Nurtech's, I designed and am currently hosting the website myself for an Irish property company. 

Magento Hosting

Making web shops and hosting them online for anyone who wants to use the Magento framework.

College Cabs

Coming soon

A lift sharing app for students coming home on the weekends. Nobody likes taking the bus!

Techno Videos

Coming soon

A website to make your own "spinning record" music video. Just give us your picture an we'll send you your video.