Storytime Project Report - Niall Quirke

SQL Used

To create the QUIRKE_USERS table:

    create table quirke_users(
        id integer,
        email varchar(80),
        surname varchar(30),
        firstname varchar(30),
        password varchar(30),
        primary key(id)


    create table quirke_recommendations(
        id integer,
        user_id integer,
        type varchar(15),
        genre varchar(15),
        title varchar(30),
        content varchar(1000),
        primary key(id),
        constraint user_foreignkey_const
        foreign key(user_id) references
        quirke_users(id) on delete set null

Sample Login Details

A user with 2 posts so far:
    password: jack

A user with 0 posts so far:
    password: joe

Functionality of Application

The function of this site is for users to be able to find and share travel recommendations. Users post recommendations of places they've been to specifying the country and type of recommendation. Other users can then find these recommendations based on country or type. The 'several forums' in the question brief were interpretted as the several countries a user might upload a recommendation to.

Not Working

Extra Functionality