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Well aware of the mess that is your every night entrance to the club from my years of DJing, coupled with an excitement I have for biometrics in the future, I went about allowing people to use their fingerprints as ID outside clubs. This masterplan included taking people's fingerprint and checking their ID when they first signed up and having a fingerprint scanner outside the clubs that would flash green or red telling whether they were on our system or not and therefore over age or not. 

This could solve the problem of ever losing your passport or drivers licence again on a night out as well the fact you get to skip the queue that are lined up getting their ID's checked and you could potentially have your club prepayed for on an app. Finger down, green flash and off you go! But not only is it beneficial to the club goers but also the club, reducig the queue outside, collecting priceless information on age groups, male to female ratio etc and  potentially permanently barring troublemakers!

As you can imagine there was a lot of legal stuff I needed signed before any club could beta my MVP and I hadn't money nor means to get anything signed. Saying that the whole thing was great craic and I learned hugely so it was really a bit of a succes in my books. Definitely one I'd come back to, or some sort of biometrics anyway.

As seen in the video I used a windows tablet to run an app that could enroll or verify a fingerprint when a USB fingerprint scanner was attached. This app querys a database with the users info and returns a nice accept or deny display I did up on photoshop. Got a lot of experience with C++ working with some open source code for matching fingerprints. Anyone interested in the code can contact me

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Top Dublin clubs were interested once it could be backed legally

C++, Linux, Biometrics, Photoshop, Web Design, SQL

Scattered over 3 months

I'm not afraid of any tech project as long as there's no law involved!

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