~ Feidhlim(Freelance Client)ESRI.ie

Niall was fantastic to work with - he helped us figure out what we wanted and was able to design perfectly around our needs. Will work with him again at the first opportunity. 10/10.

Won a government agency tender to design and build a sustainability education platform.

Niall is a top engineer, we could always rely on him to deliver!

Built core features for the Microsoft Teams product during the pandemic enabling millions of front line workers to manage their shifts better, including scheduling shifts, swapping shifts and taking time off from their phones. Contributed to the design, infrastructure, build, test, pilot and release of the platform.

Niall added a lot of value and innovation to our team at AWS.

Designing large distributed cloud infrastructure systems for enterprise clients and developed our teams tooling. My biggest achievement was dreaming up, designing, building and owning a tool that replaced our teams CLI client with a much faster, simpler and more secure browser client. This is now used daily by 200+ operation engineers in 8 sites globally.

Niall helped us bring our offline business into an online platform and always brought a unique perspective to discussions!

Head of Engineering at Refunk Upcycling for a year where I designed and built a furniture upcycling social e-commerce platform.

~ Devin(Freelance Client)Serp.ai

Niall is a great dude, very talented, and a pleasure to work with! Would definitely hire again. Expert in Python. Highly recommended.

Developed AI marketing tools for a US based startup.

~ Mikal(Freelance Client)JMFA.com

Niall is extremely skillful at what he does, plus he has amazing communication skills.

Designed and built a custom business intelligence database and dashboard for a large Amazon retailor.

~ James(Freelance Client)Coso.ai

Niall was super fast and reliable. Built out a significant part of our SaaS. Definitely would recommend!

Built AI marketing SaaS for a startup based in Ireland.

~ Jack(Freelance Client)Vyra.com

Niall was a huge asset to us figuring out our tech strategy!

Designed and Archictected a SaaS platform for educating employee's on sustainability

~ John(Product User)DoubleClicker

Niall, I love you. Why have I not found this until now? Thanks!

Chrome Extension I built with over 1500 weekly users.