Nightlife in the Fast Lane

There's a Storm Brewing in Dublin..

Wouldn't it be nice to leave your passport and age cards at home on your next night out? 

Wouldn't it be nice to skip the queue and get in on a discount? 

The game is changing.. Join the Club!

And then it all came to a halt!

The idea of Thump was to save people from bringing their passports and drivers licences on a night out and allowing them to skip the queue and use their thumbprint instead! They would sign up to Thump where their ID would be checked once and their thumbprint would be taken so that they could get into any club with the Thumpreader outside without needing to be checked again. This would also be of huge benefit to clubs, being able to collect priceless information about their customers ages, genders, etc but also with the possibility of permanantly barring troublemakers.

Despite huge interest from clubs and club goers as we started marketing the service we eventually ran into a lot of legal clearance and paperwork we hadn't the money or resources to pull through. Regardless, the project as a whole was a fantastic experience.

As seen in the video I used a windows tablet to run a windows app written mostly in C+ that could enroll or verify a thumbprint when a USB fingerprint scanner was attached. The app queries a database with the users info and returns a nice accept or deny display.